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This wiki has been designed as a teacher, student and parent resource to support "The Number Framework from the Numeracy Development Projects".

It is a compilation of web sites and web 2 tools that support the achievement of the differing Numeracy Stages. It was compiled in conjunction with my Term 2 2011 Teaching Sabbatical that set out to investigate:

“Using Information Communication Technology (ICT) and e-learning opportunities to increase participation and achievement in Numeracy for underachieving boys in Year 5-6 classrooms.”


My full Sabbatical Proposal

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I am pleased that you are able to use this wiki and share with others as this was what I wanted to set up. As it is "protected" this lets anyone view but as it is part of my Sabbatical Project (at this stage) I need to be the only person who can edit. I would love to get suggestions for changes and new pages etc, which can either be sent through the discussions or via email to me directlly.
Kind Regards ...